About us

The Pirongia Heritage & Information Centre offers visitors information about Pirongia and its district with advice available about places to visit and things to do. We have a variety of brochures for local attractions along with DOC track booklets available.

A variety of displays in the Centre tell the story of the Pirongia settlement from its military beginnings to the present day. They include artefacts and stories of local families, institutions and the changing landscape. Particular attention is paid to Mount Pirongia, which dominates this landscape, as it was of great significance to the original Maori occupants of the area. Today it provides outstanding recreational opportunities including a variety of tramps and walks that cater for any fitness level.

Information may also be obtained from the centre about visiting a number of local historic sites including the East Redoubt and the

Armed Constabulary Redoubt, described by the Historic Places Trust as the best preserved redoubt in the country, both of which are within easy walking distance.

In addition, the Centre is developing its own archives, and access to a growing fund of historical information, including that about families and institutions is available on request.

Our Team

The Pirongia Heritage & Information Centre is a registered charitable organisation operated by volunteers. We always welcome more volunteers to help staff the Centre and serve on the committee. If you are interested in volunteering in any way please contact us.