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Article No. Newsletter No. Article Title Article Text
601 51 13th Annual BBQ at Pirongia Clydesdales Little Clydesdale Cafe, Jill & Nick van der Sande, Bqrbara Walter, photos
422 36 150th Year Commemoration Events Centennial of Pukehoua Bridge; afternoon tea at Auburn (Roz & Nick Empson); Reunion Day, photo
256 21 1865 Land Grants Available at LINZ, Hamilton
246 21 2010 AGM Nick and Samantha van der Sande, Pirongia Clydesdales, horse-drawn carriage driving, photo.
519 44 2016-17 Subscriptions Renewals due 1 July
530 45 2nd Waikato Militia Badge Te Awamutu Museum, Warren Gumbley, archaeologist, photo
764 64 A 1940s photograph collected by Margaret Sherwin Mrs W H Bell, Mrs Du Fresne, Margaret Sherwin, Mrs Moeller, Mrs Beet Snr, Mrs Boggis, Mrs Livingstone, Mrs Lorimer, Mrs Barry, Mrs C Berry, Mrs Geo Owen, Mrs Sifleet, Mrs Bromell & Georgie, Elsie Owen, Mrs Allport. Photo.
704 59 A brewery at Alexandra in 1866 Charles Innes,, C. Innes & Co., AE Lot 84, AE Lot 86. Photo, map
248 21 A change of name Pirongia Heritage and Information Centre, Te Whare Taonga o Ngaa Rohe o Arekahanara
247 21 A change of President Robin Astridge, Sabina Owen immediate past president, photo.
580 49 A COGS Grant Covers opertional costs, including office coordinator
196 17 A correction Te Aka-rau-ti urupa, cemetery, Ormsby
669 56 A disputed architect's fee T.C. Grace, Warren & Blechynden
137 12 A Family's Story Illustrated talk, Ngaire Phillips, photo
721 61 A full house Oliver McLeod, Geological exploration of Mt Pirongia. Photo, record attendance.
306 26 A further reminder Overdue subscriptions
217 18 A good question Trotting race without use of a sulky. Photo.
124 11 A Great Barbecue Annual BBQ for members at Pirongia Clydesdales. Photo.
563 48 A great fund-raiser Quiz night, Five Stags Bar, profit of $2,400 for the Centre, photos
53 5 A great turnout for the AGM Speaker Neville Ritchie, Waikato War 1863-64, Sabina Owen
150 13 A memorable AGM Talk about the history of the Kingitanga by Tom Roa. Photo
168 14 A model waka taua Authentic model waka tau loaned for display by the de Thierry family. Photo.
356 30 A new book Stowers, Von Tempsky and the Forest Rangers, photo
296 25 A new computer Computer replaced
648 55 A new computer Second computer at reception desk, Ross & Shirley Scown donation
290 25 A new resource New catalogue of newspaper references to Alexandra 1863 to 1886
264 21 A philosophical question From an 1872 newspaper
234 20 A possible change of name Pirongia Heritage and Information Centre, Te Whare Taonga o Ngaa Rohe o Arekahanara
239 20 A Post Office Savings Bank in 1867 J.D. Hill, postmaster, interest 5%
343 29 A Pub Charity Grant New colour printer purchased with Pub Charity grant, and installed.
418 35 A recent visitor Ross Buddle, descendant of Thomas Buddle, missionary at Te Kopua
546 46 A recent volunteer Mary Wilton, photo
572 48 A regular centre host Lyn Jackson,volunteer. Photo
280 24 A Reminder Membership renewal
293 25 A reminder Overdue subscriptions
674 57 A reminder Subscriptions due
761 64 A reminder Membership fees for 2022-23 are now due.
441 37 A report on the Alexandra District in 1872. Charles Edenborough's report to Colonel Moule on the Alexandra District in 1872 has been transcribed.
639 53 A reticulated water supply Pirongia Chamber of Commerce accepted terms of water supply from Te Awamutu Borough Council's water main from Mt Pirongia, 1921
461 39 A River Boat Register Bruce Kilham, research, river boats, Waikato
612 52 A shipping building on Crozier Street Building at the end of Crozier Street sold for demolition in 1932, photo
19 2 A special thank you To Mary Hurst and Ros Empson.
728 61 A storage shed New storage shed now in place. Photo
328 28 A story with a bang! Brian & Bill Bromell, Bell's store, traction engine, Bray, photo
622 53 A successful AGM Pirongia Clydesdales and Fresians, Nick van der Sande, photos
367 31 A Successful BBQ Report on BBQ at Pirongia Clydesdales
496 41 A successful training day volunteer training workshop
207 18 A teacher's reminiscence life in early Pirongia, Mawdsley (nee Miss Hattaway) teacher, Alexandra School 1908-1912. Photo.
565 48 A trip to Kaipiha Lance Vernall, Kaipiha, Turner, Reynolds, Mary Wilton, Norma Graham, photo
336 28 A trip to the Winter Show schools section, Te Tahi, Rosalie Ahier, Oscar Pound, memoir
417 35 A useful resource Catalogue of river craft on the Waipa; Bruce Kilham
482 40 A VC at Gallipoli Awarded for bravery to a grandson of Captain William St Clair Tisdall, Adjutant of the 2nd Waikato Militia in 1864.
384 33 A well-attended AGM New Committee. Speaker Alan Livingston, 150 Years West of Waipa.
192 16 A.C. Neil McLeod town bobby, Alexandra, armed constable, nz police, diary, Photo.
717 60 AA Traveller Publications new popular walks publication
170 15 About our building Andrew Johnson visited and gathered info on architecture, construction and alterations.
687 58 About Pukehoua George McQuillan,, volcano, report.
730 61 About the Garmonsways Peter Wood, Descendants of Letitia & Edward Grmonsway, photo
644 55 AC Sgt John Castle DCM AC Sergeant at Alexandra married Frances Brady
233 20 AGM - 22 June Speaker Nick van der Sande, Pirongia Clydesdales.
467 40 AGM - Tuesday 16 June AGM 16 June, to be followed by a presentation by Kingsley Field on.
423 36 AGM - Tuesday 17 June Speaker to be Haupai Puke
652 56 AGM 20 June at 7:30 pm Oliver McLeod,Photo
45 4 AGM guest speaker Dr Neville Ritchie - Waikato Land War 1863-64.
113 9 AGM Photograph Richard Stowers, Alan Livingston, Olive Clements. Photo.
277 24 AGM speaker on 'Alexandra: The first 10 years' Alan Hall, why original settlement failed, 1864-1874
753 64 AGM Tuesday 28 June 2022 AGM scheduled for 28 June. Ros Empson to present The Story of Mangapiko through the eyes of Ngaire Phillips.
733 62 AGM Tuesday 29 June at 7:30 AGM scheduled for 29 June. Alan Hall to talk about the history of halls in the settlement. Photo.
694 59 AGM Tuesday 30 June at 7:30 pm Alan Hall,, photo
613 52 AGM Wednesday 27 June Nick van der Sande will tell the story of Pirongia Clydesdales, photo
567 48 AGM Wednesday June at 7:30 pm Anne McEwan, Historic Places & Heritage Values
684 58 Alan Papesch Obituary
552 47 Alexandra Hall 1921 Hall in Hamilton not from Alexandra, Starlight Ballroom
335 28 Alexandra Hospital Military Reserve, Stuart, Duval, Snape, Waddington
194 17 Alexandra's first policeman William Kelly, constable, Alexandra
455 38 Also on the Tisdall; Piesse, Gray; Pistrucci.
708 60 Alternative Newsletter delivery to you Offers sending newsletters to members as email attachments.
524 44 An 1881 settlement plan for Te Rore Survey plan, Te Rore bridge, town lots, Rewi, Tawhiao, Manuhiri, Mair, Edgecumbe Streets
585 49 An alien during WW1 Ernst Moeller, Mildred Prentice, naturalised, interned, Somes Island
409 34 An ambitious project Karen Howard, electronic search, family information, photo
252 21 An apology double edition, Nos 21 & 22.
229 19 An early native commissioner Te Wheoro, photo
127 11 An electronic database Funding received to create a digital archival database.
77 7 An Evening for Volunteers Meeting at Visitor Centre, BBQ at Pirongia Clydesdales. Photo.
58 5 An honour for Mary Hurst Honorary Life Membership.
72 6 An Index for Footprints of History Computerised index, Alan Hall, Len Styles
737 62 An informative slideshow An informative slideshow and commentary by Charlie Coles, about the history of the sports ground available for viewing at the Centre. Map.
12 1 An innovative display unit rotary display stand, Murray Walter, Kevin Farrell, photo
500 41 An interpretive panel for the Memorial Hall Roll of Honour; Pirongia Community Association
134 11 An upgrade for the Garage Plans completed for garage conversion.
629 53 An upgraded display Metal-framed glass cabinet, model canoe display, photo
608 51 Anne Aubin & Stores in Alexandra/Pirongia Stores initially owned by John Aubin and J.D. Hill, Anne Aubin, Ahier & Gifford bought Hill's store, Eugene Aubin, W.G. Moon, W.H. Bell, photos
74 6 Anniversary Publications Te Rore School
701 59 Annual BBQ War Memorial Hall,
516 44 Annual General Meeting PHIC, 14 June, speaker Alan Hall, Waikato Militia, Armed Constabulary
17 2 Annual General Meeting Report of AGM. Committee members named. Noel Sandford of the Te Araroa Trust spoke about the development of walkways on Mt Pirongia.
44 4 Annual General Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday, 27 June.
91 8 Annual General Meeting Richard Stowers to speak about NZ Forest Rangers
100 9 Annual General Meeting AGM Reports, New Executive Committee
743 63 Annual General Meeting AGM Marilyn Yeates, committee. Alan Hall, Public Halls in Pirongia.
373 32 Annual General Meeting - 18 June at 7.30pm AGM to be held on 18 June
158 13 Annual programme Planned programme of events for the financial year.
699 59 Annual subscriptions due Individual, Family, Organization, Business Membership.
146 12 Another eel weir Eel weir remains, Waipa River, Whakairoiro Pa. Photo
506 43 Another family re-union Finch
160 13 Another link Miss Emily Miller, Lottie Webb.
238 20 Another record 2009-10 Annual Visitor Statistics more than 2500.
329 28 Another St Saviour's Blockhouse Bay, MOTAT.
560 47 Another steam engine Marshall steam engine, Waikawau. Photo
526 45 Another successful AGM AGM, Barbara Walter, Officers elected, executive committee. Alan Hall, Armed Constabulary
288 25 Another successful AGM Report on 8th AGM, photo
575 49 Another successful AGM Ann McEwen, Historic Places & Heritage Values, photos
434 37 Another successful AGM At the 2014 AGM, President Robin Astridge, commemorative functions, Haupai Puke, illustrated presentation,; photo
193 17 Another successful AGM Speaker Heather Garrett, Cowell, trading store, bush hotel. Photo.
707 60 Another successful AGM AGM, Marilyn Yeates, committee, Covid 19 Lockdown, Alan Hall talked about four colonial cottages in the village. Photos.
485 41 Another successful AGM Sabina Owen Life Member; Speaker Kingsley Field, photo
180 15 Another successful barbeque Hosted by Nick and Jill van der Sande at Pirongia Clydesdales. Photo
554 47 Another successful BBQ van der Sande family, Stacey Benton, Coach House Café, Pirongia Clydesdales
456 39 Another successful BBQ Annual BBQ. Pirongia, Clydesdales, photo
181 16 Another successful South Tour Saturday 21 March tour historic sites Puniu and Waipa Rivers south of Pirongia. Alan Hall tour guide. Now four tours in repertoire. Photo.
135 11 Another successful trip Robin Astridge led a repeat of Path of War 1 tour. Photo.
338 29 Another Successful Year AGM. New Committee elected, Speaker Garry Howard
670 57 Another Successful Year AGM, Barbara Walter, committee, Oliver McLeod, volcanologist, geological history of Mount Pirongia, photo
187 16 Any suggestions Canvassing ideas for new activities or events.
6 1 Archaeological tour Archaeological tour led by Owen Wilkes. Matakitaki Pa, Paterangi, flour mill sites. A further tour planned. Photo
64 6 Archaeological tour Matakitaki, Paterangi, Waiari, Grey Road flour mill, Cameron's HQ, AC Redoubt, Whatiwhatihoe, Auburn, Empson, Paula McWha, Alan Hall, Photo
87 7 Archaeological Tour Matakitaki, Paterangi, Waiari, Grey Road flour mill, Cameron's HQ, AC Redoubt, Whatiwhatihoe, Alan Hall. Photo.
105 9 Archaeological Tour 2 Mangapouri, Te Kopua missions, Mangatoatoa, Kaipiha, Puketotara
395 33 At Bell's Store Judith Harper recalls the boar's head mounted on a wall.
642 55 At Lake Mangakaware Visit by seven members and friends, photo
410 35 At the annual barbecue Commemorative events planned for 2014. Photo.
551 47 At the Boxing Day Races Joy McGregor, Marilyn Yeates, Keith Ormsby
30 3 Auckland Museum Institute Executive Committee of the Auckland Museum Institute visited the Centre which has become a member. Photo.
41 4 Auckland War Memorial Museum Visit Visit scheduled for Saturday, 27 May.
52 5 Auckland War Memorial Museum Visit Kawhia Museum Society, corporate member, membership card, visit to Auckland Museum planned. Photo
650 55 Aukati or Confiscation Line? Government confiscation line, Kingitanga aukati, map
493 41 Background to the Native School Investigation McRae Cameron, teacher, family history inquiry.
457 39 Barbara's book from our library Not a Pioneer: Memoirs of Bernice Monrath Johnstone 1871-1960
445 38 Barbara's book from our library:? Book review by Barbara Walter; Hursthouse, Rohe Potae, King Country
221 19 Barbecue for Members van der Sande, Pirongia Clydesdales
314 27 Barbecue for members starts the new year Report of BBQ hosted at Pirongia Clydesdales by Jill and Nick van der Sande, photo.
361 31 Basketball in the 1930s Newspaper reports on basketball (netball) activities
298 25 Basketball in the 1930s? Information wanted about basketball (netball) played in the 1930s
542 46 BBQ for members To be held on 20 February 2017
592 50 BBQ for members 21 February, Coach House Cafe
352 30 BBQ for members Pirongia Clydesdales
403 34 BBQ for members BBQ planned to be held at Pirongia Clydesdales in January
448 38 BBQ for members At Pirongia Clydesdales on 27 January
724 61 BBQ for members Annual barbecue for members, 24 February.
489 41 BBQ for members Pirongia Clydesdales, 27 January
628 53 Before one-day cricket Imperial 12th Regiment v 2nd Waikato Militia
331 28 Believe it or not Waikato Times 1877.
426 36 Berwyn Sterling Obituary, long-time member and former Vice-President.
491 41 Book Reviews Battlefields of NZ Wars; Waikato-Maniapoto World War 1 Veterans
502 43 Books from our library: Te Puea - A Life Michael King, Kingitanga, Whatiwhatihoe
503 43 Books from our library: The Land Ballot Fleur Adcock, Te Rau-a-moa, poems
61 5 Borer eradication Contract to Smith's Pest Control Services.
109 9 Breaking News Grant from Trust Waikato to fund disability ramps and a grab rail for the toilet.
259 21 Burglars captured in Bell's Store Escaped prisoners captured in Bells' Store by Clarrie Schwatfeger and Bernard Bromell, photo.
231 19 Burial Records Alexandra cemetery, Oak Lane
157 13 Butchers past Recent demolition of the village butcher's shop triggered some history about local butchers.
197 17 Calendar of events Tours, BBQ, History & Research evening, Mary Scott Workshop.
705 59 Can you help us? Who planted the camelia tree at the AC Redoubt?
715 60 Can you help us? Mary Berry, Julia Ahier, Mildred Moeller, photograph. Two not named.
147 12 Can you help? W.G. Sim, blacksmith, Ross Street. Ancestor of Russell Cooney. Photo
488 41 Can you help? Kiwi Road
369 31 Captain William Tisdall Adjutant 2nd Waikato Militia,
571 48 Caveat Emptor (Let the buyer beware) John Higginson v Robert T Millar, seed merchant, re mislabelled turnip seed.
442 37 Charles Allen Edenborough Sergeant in the Waikato Militia; Sergeant in the Armed Constabulary; Farmed at.
621 52 Charles Prince and the Salvation Army at Pirongia Charles Prince maintained a Salvation Army presence in Alexandra/Pirongia between 1895 and 1901, Shamrock Hotel, Royal Telegraph Hotel, photo
178 15 Collections database Sharon Rayner employed to input data re collections into e-database. Employment funded by grant from Southern Trust. Glenyss Hall leads the project.
198 17 Collections database Sharon Rayner catalogued items, funding for job by Southern Trust. Debbie Courtney to take over.
230 19 Collections Database Southern Trust, data entry
553 47 Come to the Quiz Night Alexandra Hotel Five Stags Bar, fund raiser for Heritage Centre
78 7 Coming Event: Tracing Family History Jan McBeth, Garry & Karen Howard, Paula McWha
16 2 Coming events Pirongia Craft Fair, Visit by Auckland Railway Enthusiasts Soc, Visit by Auckland Museum Institute Council.
556 47 Coming Events Path of War Tour, Sunday afternoon trip to Kaipiha
65 6 Coming events Archaeological Tour, Path of War
104 9 Coming Events Programme of events for the new financial year.
159 13 Coming events North Archaeological Tour, An Evening on the Centre's Resources, Tour of the Te Pahu District
165 14 Coming events Members' Barbecue, Path of War Tour, South Tour,
202 17 Coming events North Tour, Walking Tour Pirongia Village, West Tour.
213 18 Coming events Members BBQ, Path of War Tour, South Tour.
226 19 Coming Events Kawhia Tour, South Tour
115 10 Coming Tours Path of War 1; Path of War 2. Photo.
435 37 Commemorating the Founders of Alexandra Founders Luncheon, public function where children from Pirongia School told the story of Alexandra; Inter-denominational Church Service. Photo
36 3 Computer Upgrade New computer, multi-function scanner-printer plus Past Perfect small museum software.
647 55 Condolences David Puke, Haupai's husband
658 56 Condolences Norma Graham
37 3 Congratulations Community Service awards by Mt Pirongia Lions Club to Sabina Owen & Berwyn Sterling.
557 47 Congratulations Tom Roa, Te Rita Papesch, PhD
321 27 Congratulations Tom Roa; chair Te Kauhanganui
200 17 Congratulations Mary Hurst, Heather Garrett, Pirongia Historic Visitor Centre, heritage education, Pirongia Clydesdales, traditional craftsmanship.
757 64 Consequences of Covid Restriction resulting from Covid 19 continue to affect the Centre's work.
189 16 Conservation of objects Claire Orbell, Te Awamutu Museum, gave advice re cleaning, conservation and display.
748 63 Could you help? Appeal for volunteers to join the Executive Committee
709 60 Country roads in the 1920s MP driven over selected worst sections of road between Pirongia and Kawhia to convince him of the need for funding to improve the roads. NZH 24 Jun 1921.
63 6 Craft Day record visitor numbers, blacksmith demonstration, Ben van der Sande, Cameron McKenzie, Rory McDonald,; weaving demonstration, Garry Grace. Photo
579 49 Craft Day Change of day, to be held on a Sunday,
616 52 Dancing with the King Brief review of
141 12 Data entry Sharon Rayner employed to do archival data entry
754 64 Developments in the Archives An account of work in our archives being undertaken by Karen Howard and Garry Howard, sorting and cataloguing boxes of donated material, and digitising and accessioning photographs and newspaperarticles.
322 27 Did you know? talks to schools, community groups, gardening and walking groups; University of the 3rd Age
424 36 Did you know? Alexandra; First Anniversary 1865
203 17 Do you remember? re Post Office buildings.
307 26 Don't forget BBQ for members, Pirongia Cluydesdales
440 37 Don't forget our library Books available for borrowing by members.
236 20 Don't forget the library Books on historical topics. Novels by Mary Scott.
62 5 Don't forget to visit the Centre on Craft Day blacksmith and weaving demonstrations planned
407 34 Down Memory Lane Visitors to the Centre
214 18 Down memory lane oral histories, Haupai Puke, Sally Uerata, photo
731 61 Dr Edward Waddington Part 2 Part 2 of an account of the life of Dr Waddington from 1877 when he moved his medical practice to Hamilton, Cambridge and Te Aroha. Photograph
587 49 Early Buildings: Rozel & Aubin's Store Robin Wood, fire, architects's plan and sketches by Archibald MacDonald, Freer, John Aubin, Anne Aubin, Bell's store, Bell Homestead, photos
300 25 Early house sites at Kaipiha Turner and Reynolds house sites at Kaipiha, Lance Vernall, photo
302 26 Early Mangapiko Bridges Bridges washed away in 1864, 1866 and 1867. Replaced by higher level bridge.
536 45 Early motor vehicles around Pirongia Edward Miller, Emily Miller, Daimler, charabanc, Jim Prentice, chain-driven Briscoe truck. Fred Parsons. Photo
714 60 Edward Waddington Surgeon, 2nd Waikato Militia, medical officer to the community, JP. Photo.
665 56 Electricity came to Pirongia in 1921 Horahora, Pirongia Chamber of Commerce, Electric lights, Mrs A.E.Aubin, J.T. Johnson
340 29 Elsie Russell Obituary
695 59 England to Pirongia in 1953 The Hall family, Arthur Hall, Violet, Colin, Glenda, Geoffrey. Crozier Street, Te Tahi.
392 33 Errata Demolition of old Public Hall in 1958, not 1957
505 43 Errata Rae Cameron, Maisie Cameron, Te Kopua Native School, Mary Ann Harper
4 1 Establishing the site Organizations and individuals involved in establishing the Centre.
35 3 Events since the August Newsletter Group visitors to the Centre: Auckland rail enthusiasts, Auckland Museum Institute Council, Manurewa Historical Soc, Chartwell Golden Oldies, Tourism King Country
387 33 Expert help? Visit by Sally August from National Services Te Paerangi, photo
145 12 Family connections Burials of men who died in the late 1860s when their were no cemetery records. Lt W.W. Young was buried here in 1865
8 1 Family history Bell, Garmonsway, Alexander families.
431 36 Finch's hotels Alexandra and Doncaster Arms Hotels. Hill; Mair, photo
605 51 Fires in the settlement Fire Force 25th anniversary.
71 6 Footprints of History Proposed new publication, Mary Hurst.
686 58 For Early 2020 BBQ planned to be held in January or early February
520 44 For your diary AGM, 14 June.
281 24 For your diary AGM, Annual BBQ
294 25 For your diary Craft Day, Northern Tour, Walking Tour, Path of War Tour
305 26 For your diary BBQ, Ngutunui Tour with Keith Ormsby, Southern Tour, Path of War Tour
569 48 For your diary AGM 28 June
583 49 For your diary Sunday 1 October, Craft Day
332 28 For your diary AGM, 26 June.
594 50 For your diary PHIC BBQ AT Pirongia Clydesdales
351 30 For your diary Walking Tour, BBQ, Southern Path of War, Pirongia Northern Tour, Hingakaka, Lake Ngaroto.
617 52 For your diary AGM 27 June
364 31 For your diary Tour of Hingakaka and Lake Ngaroto
626 53 For your diary 17 February visit to Lake Mangakaware
377 32 For your diary AGM, Path of War Tour
393 33 For your diary Tours
657 56 For your diary 20 Jun AGM Oliver McLeod
405 34 For your diary Coming events
414 35 For your diary Schedule of events in February and March
427 36 For your diary Commemorative Founders Weekend events
698 59 For your diary AGM 30 June
726 61 For your diary Wednesday, 24 February, Annal BBQ at Memorial Hall
741 62 For Your Diary 29 June, Heritage Centre AGM.
490 41 For your diary Boxing Day Races; BBQ for members
758 64 For your diary 28 June: Heritage Centre AGM
508 43 For your diary 3 April, Roll of Honour, unveiling panel
388 33 Former residents Roland Mounsey, Ruth Beatson Whiting, photo
744 63 Frogs in the Government Paddock A species of frog, introduced from Tasmania, in the swamp in thre Government Paddock at Pirongia. Waikato Times, 5 Oct 1886. Picture.
273 23 From some old sports programmes Programmes found belonging to former local saddler William Morton Chappell, Photo.
132 11 From the Centre Diary Visits by three groups in December. Photo.
263 21 From the Centre's Diary Visits by schools, Grace Shaw, WINTEC students, Riley Car Club,
521 44 From the Committee visitor statistics, long-term plans
270 23 From the Committee Trust Waikato grant $2000, progress on art panels by Sonia Frimmel, Julie Karsten resigns. Photo.
283 24 From the Committee New sign, Frank Thorne, Ngati Hikairo, Report by Robin Astridge. Photo
570 48 From the Committee New colour printer, Health & Safety, Conservation of objects, ANZAC Day wreath,
320 27 From the Committee funding to re-paint the building, digital voice recorder, oral history, additional chairs
333 28 From the Committee AGM, Speaker Garry Howard, Change of name. New printer, Photo.
595 50 From the committee Local Maori history, Matakitaki, Whatiwhatihoe, Kingitanga.
342 29 From the Committee Revised Certificate of Incorporation, Plan to have the Centre building repainted, Position of Administrative Assistant advertised.
606 51 From the committee Glenda Bell, Ros Empson
354 30 From the Committee Re-paint building, Waipa Discretionary Grant, web-site, administrative support, Faith Haakma
618 52 From the committee Ros Empson updating computerised archives records, Ginn's Mill photos on display
365 31 From the Committee web page, postcards, Historic Alexandra, Grace Shaw, i-site sign
378 32 From the Committee Lottery Grants Board funds administrator, Faith Haakma, Bruce and Jan Kilham, 1912-13 had highest visitor numbers to date.
634 53 From the committee Newsletter policy, working group proposal to purchase additional computer equipment, Garry Howard
645 55 From the committee Webpage closed. Paula McWha Facebook page
394 33 From the Committee Pukehoua Bridge centennial, Volunteer training day, webpage.
656 56 From the committee Contributions by non-members, Frank Kingi Thorne, photo
406 34 From the Committee Training Day for volunteers, Library, photo
675 57 From the committee Local museums consultative group, Barbara Walter, Marilyn Yeates
428 36 From the Committee Record Visitor Numbers for 2013-14; New filing cabinet
438 37 From the Committee Subscriptions now due, Newsletter available on the Centre website.
700 59 From the committee ANZAC Day wreath, Paula & Robert McWha, photo.
450 38 From the Committee New panels about Alexandra Racing Club and Pirongia Golf Club; Timeline to be mounted on the fence between the Fire Force and the Centre; Centre permitted to reproduce Edenborough's 1872 map of the district.
460 39 From the Committee Office coordinator to be appointed, Robert McWha interim treasurer
716 60 From the Committee Storage shed, flood lighting at wagon shelter
727 61 From the Committee Jenny Mortland appointed administration coordinator, a new switchboard, a new postcard
478 40 From the Committee Andrea Thrower, administration coordinator; interim treasurer, Robin Astridge, Robert McWha
495 41 From the Committee family history displays; Andrea Thrower, photo
759 64 From the Committee The microwave in the kitchen, and the answerphone at the deszk have been upgraded.
509 43 From the committee visitor statistics, treasurer, Ian poole, Charlie Coles
120 10 From the past: The Public Hall Publiic Hall opened in 1876. Story of its construction and use.
188 16 Funding for a new display Lottery Environment & Heritage Committee, funding
5 1 Funding supporters Significant financial contributors to date.
439 37 Garage photos wanted Photos of the garage next to the Centre wanted. Owners: Hardy, Cobbald, Hoefhamer, Taylor, Holmes, Dennis, Gane and Hodgson.
548 46 Garages in the Village: 1948-1980 Eric Papesch established the first garage in 1948. Second garage established by Rob Signal in 1950. Rasmussen, Hodgson, Photos
750 63 Genealogists are using the archive room The TA Genealogy Group is using the Archive Room to transcribe infomation from TA Museum copies of School Admission Registers.
760 64 Genealogists using the Archive Room The use of thre Archive Room by Te Awamutu genealogists is working well.
465 39 Gentry in the ranks Willoughby Dickson, Dixon, Wentworth Burdett, Grace Grant
416 35 Get dressed up Edwardian Ball planned for 31 May
400 34 Get ready for a busy year Events to commemorate settlement and 150 years of development
604 51 Gloria King Obituary, nee Ormsby, captained the Kiwi basketball team in the 1950s, photos
211 18 Gone West West of Waipa Tour, tea & talk re Homewood, Heather Garrett, Alan Livingston.
190 16 Gutter guard $1700 grant, Pub Charity
667 56 Happy birthday Ngaire 90th birthday, Ngaire Phillips
257 21 Heritage Buildings 15 buildings proposed for listing in the Waipa DC 10 Year Plan
386 33 High visitor numbers Record numbers
237 20 Historic Tours Path of War 2, Kawhia Tour; South Tour
275 24 Historic Tours Programme Tours planned for 2011 & 2012
664 56 Hone Te One Ngati Hikairo, Frank Kingi Thorne, photo
484 41 Honours for Sabina Oiwen Volunteer Year commendation; Pirongia Heritage Centre Life Member, photo
573 48 Hot off the press Publication, Where did that name come from? Alan Hall
415 35 Hotel history Updated display about Alexandra Hotels; Finch
399 33 Identified by Hat? Bernice Alexander Johnstone, Lizzie Charleston, photo
287 24 Impediments to upstream navigation Cadell, ignimbrite rock , Whakairoiro, Steamer Lilly
497 41 Improved visitor numberrs visitor statistics
736 62 Improved visitor numbers Visitor numbers since January show improvement following Covid 19 lockdown.
615 52 Improved visitor statistics Annual total exceeded 2017 total by 225.
725 61 Improving visitor numbers Covid 19 lockdown effected visitor numbers but since July they have improved.
84 7 In Committee Long-term concept plan,
103 9 In Committee Visitor numberrs affected by streetscape work. Photo.
559 47 In memory of Sabina Commemorative seat dedicated to memory of Sabina Owen
148 12 In our library Books by Mary Scott
756 64 In Remembrance Olive Clements, Anne O'Halloran and Shirley Scown.
267 23 In the Pipeline Robin Astridge repeats Northern Path of War Tour
75 6 In the Pipeline Historic Alexandra in preparation, Alan Hall
663 56 In the pipeline Redoubts display, update of Maori display
677 57 In the pipeline Wagon built by Cooper & Curds, restored by Nick van der Sande, photo
206 18 Inaugural historic walk Tour, Alan Hall, Historic sites in village. Photo.
164 14 Information evening Discussion for volunteers about resources at the Centre. Photo
33 3 Interpretative sign Interpretative plaque on the old Mt Pirongia Trig Station, Photo.
303 26 Interpreting the Centre's Carved Sign Interpretive notes about the sign carved by Mac Bell, photo
631 53 Interpreting the Centre's Carved Sign Te Whare Taonga O Nga Rohe O Arekahanara, sign carved by Mac Bell, photos
107 9 It happened here - in 1873 Annual Sports on New Year's Day 1873.
95 8 It happened here - in Pirongia! Te Mahuki, Tawhiao, Mair, Wahanui, Aubin Ahier, Hursthouse, Newsham
114 10 It's the Touring Season South of Pirongia Tour: Photo.
492 41 J.D. Hill - Alexandra Businessman storekeeper, commission agent, auctioneer, postmaster, registrar, scherff, Catherine Harden, photo
243 20 Jesse Sage 58th Regiment, 2nd Waikato Regt, Sergeant, Desmond Darby
577 49 Joe Hughes - Okoko Road Miner Hughes Bros coal mine, Glen Afton Collieries, display, photos
740 62 John & Elizabeth Ross at Te Pahu Story of the Ross family who broke in land on Martelletti Road, Te Pahu. Photo.
746 63 June Bright June Bright, Obituary, marriage guidance, women's centre, Mahuika House. Photo.
232 20 Kawhia Tour 17 February. 17 members took part. Photo.
732 62 Keith Ormsby, Honorary Life Member Afternoon tea function to honour Keith Ormsby as our fifth life member. Photo.
510 43 Kiwi Road Glenda Bell, Maori Affairs land, World War 2, Daniels, Lingman, Nelson, Tamaki
633 53 Lake Mangakaware access New access from Anderson Road
39 3 Late breaking news (attached item) Merit Award to the Centre by Historic Places Trust
117 10 Len Styles Sudden illness and death
487 41 Leslie Maurice Yeates Obituary for long-time member.
371 32 Life memberships awarded Murray and Barbara Walter, photo
545 46 Like us on Facebook Pirongia Heritage
22 2 Local Directory Pirongia Local Directory available at the Centre.
693 59 Lockdown Covid 19, closed 21 March. Re-opened 20 June
747 63 Lockdown again affected our visitor numbers Covid 19 Lockdown in August ended a promising trend in visitor numbers.
466 40 Looking back to Newsletter No.1 Six volunteers from 2006 are still volunteering in 2015. Original displays, photo
404 34 Mac Bell Death of Purekireki Marae kaumatua and carver of Heritage Centre Sign
385 33 Maintenance Robert McWha doing maintenance at the Heritage Centre, photo
568 48 Maintenance Maestro Robert McWha repainted weathered exterior paintwork, photo
692 58 Major Frederick Jesse Hills Frances Hills, Kihikihi, commanded 2nd Waikato Regiment. Land grants at Kihikihi and Te Awamutu. Photos.
240 20 Make an offer Two Canon MP240 printers
742 63 Making our archives more accessible. Garry Howard, Clayton Howard, Karen Howard, Tim, Brooklyn. Ros Empson, archives catalogue. Photo.
334 28 Margaret Holroyd Obituary, Eyre descendant
265 23 Mary Hurst - Historian and Life Member life member, obituary, photo.
390 33 Mary Scott Recently unveiled pou on Te Awamutu Walk of fame
260 21 Mary Scott's typewriter Remington Junior portable, Susan Dassler, Grace Shaw, photo
199 17 Mary Scott's typewriter typewriter donated to Centre by Grace Shaw. John Scott, first edition copy of Barbara and the New Zealand Backblock.
408 34 Matewai Wickham Ernest Wickham; Shamrock Hotel; Wickham's Boarding House, Hannah Prentice, Alice Kay, photo
562 47 Mathias Asmuss - Entrepreneur Mathias Asmuss, Royal Telegraph Hotel, Shamrock Hotel,
543 46 Maurice Troup obituary
398 33 McMinn of the Harapepe Forest Rangers E G McMinn, Forest Rangers, Harapepe, MP for Waipa, photo
253 21 Membership Gloria King, Judith Devaliant, Nikki & David Samuels, Bernie Nel, Tony & Shirley Brown, Peter & Coral Shaw
142 12 Membership renewals Subscription reminder
186 16 Membership renewals Please complete forms so records remain up-to-date.
532 45 Memberships reminder, subscriptions outstanding
261 21 Military Deserters 2nd Regiment Waikato Militia, reasons for desertion
584 49 Miss Miller's motor car Emily Miller, Edward Miller, Daimler or Cadillac,
540 46 Moonshine on Mount Pirongia Stills in the Mount Pirongia bush in thr 1870s and 1920s.
589 50 More about J.D. Hill J.D. Hill, storekeeper, commission agent, licensed auctioneer, postmaster, registrar of births, deaths & marriages. Served on Alexandra School Committee, Township Board, highway boards, Waipa County Council, Married Catherine Harden. Information from Rosemary Haden, photos
444 38 More about Whatiwhatihoe According to an 1872 map by Edenborough, the name Whatiwhatihoe originally applied to a place further up-river than Tawhiao's settlement established in 1881. Photo.
29 3 More days open From February the Centre will open on four days a week.
523 44 More on the butchers Jones research by Karen Howard, Archibald Hubert Jones, Alfred William Henry Jones, Rhoda Jones
537 45 Motor Fuel benzine, bushel timber cases, hand cranked bowsers, Roland Mounsey, Bell's Store, photo
380 32 Multiple Connections Brett Pierce, W G Mair, Morrison, Tregear
375 32 Murray Walter Life member, obituary,
711 60 Nearly, but not quite Covid 19 lockdown closed the Centre before the end of the year, when a further 12 visitors would have set a new attendance record. Graph.
533 45 New & Improved New display, Ormsby family, Gloria King, photo
597 50 New & Improved New Open sign designed and constructed by Brent Mealing, photos
355 30 New & Improved banner, Alexandra Images
646 55 New & improved Displays being updated: Alexandra Redoubts, Maori display
659 56 New & Improved Events that shaped our landscape
676 57 New & improved Alexandra Redoubts display, Walter. Yeates.
702 59 New & improved Traditional wagon, Nick van der Sande, wagon shelter, photo.
463 39 New & Improved Mural, Jane Finch, Marilyn Yeates, display panel Boxing Day Races, Pirongia Golf Club, photo
522 44 New and Improved newsletter index, access to the Memorial Hall
271 23 New and Improved Mary Scott display, Pirongia - Past and Present
547 46 New and Improved Ormsby family display compiled by Gloria King (nee Ormsby)
292 25 New and Improved Hughes brothers' mine display, Okoko Road, Barbara Walter, Marilyn Yeates
308 26 New and Improved Library catalogue, new books, Mary Scott novels
85 7 New and Improved Miele vacuum cleaner
94 8 New and Improved Indexes to TAHS Journal, & Footprints of History. Historic Alexandra. Enlarged photos on display. Photo.
110 9 New and Improved New brochure display stand. Photo.
119 10 New and Improved Display of photos by Don Horne of fungi in the Walter Scott Reserve
130 11 New and Improved Sun filters on windows, new disability aids.
396 33 New and Improved 1948 School Jubilee photographs, Pirongia Women's Institute
155 13 New and improved Model canoe, de Thierry, photograph of Whatiwhatihoe
421 35 New and Improved Updated display panels; period jacket and skirt of Bessie Tims, photo
430 36 New and improved ; library;.
437 37 New and Improved New Pirongia Heritage & Information Centre website; Transcribed copy of an 1865 Petition to Parliament by 304 settlers at Alexandra and Kihikihi in June 1865.
452 38 New and Improved Karen Howard designed an electronic database which will generate a list of resources where information about families may be found. Photo.
479 40 New and Improved ANZAC display mounted by Marilyn Yeates and Barbara Walter, photo
227 19 New and Improved Panels by Sonia Frimmel, history of Christian Churhes, NZ Lottery Grant, filing cabinet, photo
21 2 New books Who Planted the Tree - Chaplow; A History of Kawhia and its District, Cummins; Tracing Family History in NZ, Bromell.
630 53 New display panel storage Storage rack, Robert McWha, photo
470 40 New faces Andrea Thrower, Ian Poole, Tess McGruddy
133 11 New Information about old hotels Alexandra (Finch); Doncaster Arms (Appleyard); Prince Alfred (Ruhstein), Royal Exchange (Asmus)
344 29 New life for an old cupboard church hymnbook cupboard, photo
25 2 New members Appeal for new members.
50 4 New members Appeal to recruit new members.
111 9 New Members Tim & Sue Wright, Neil Denize, Alan Livingston
118 10 New Members Andrew Lee, Charlie Coles, Maurice & Tricia Troup, Robin Plowright, Jean Ryan, Sharon & Boye de Thierry.
128 11 New Members Ted & Vin Glynn, Bill Thomson, Olwyn Verhoef, Peter & Glenys Wood
225 19 New Members Arnold & Kathy Watson, Mick Scown & Vicki Anderson, Maureen McGonagle, Anne O'Halloran
14 2 New sign unveiled Sign carved by Mac Bell and unveiled by Mrs Jean Bell in a ceremony run by kaumatua Tom Roa from Purekireki Marae. Photo
209 18 New signage Drawing attention to Centre and its services.
534 45 New Volunteers Mary Wilton, Keith & Margarert Ormsby, Alfredo Huerta, Alison Clements.
204 17 Newspaper clippings Julie Karsten, copying files, Alexandra, archives
376 32 Ngaroto Tour Report of tour including Taurangamirumiru, Ngaroto swamp pas, Hingakaka battle site
315 27 Ngutunui Tour Keith Ormsby: Kaipiha, Ngutunui, Pekanui Road, Walter Scott Reserve, Oparau, Te Rau-a-moa, Hughes Coal Mine Okoko Road, photo
432 36 Nine days on the Waikato/Waipa Rivers Graeme Kenyon, exploratory trip in a small boat, Waikato and Waipa Rivers to Te Rore, places identified by Foljambe and Messer in 1863-64. Photo
173 15 No more leaks Peter Robertson's latest measure effective. Well done Murray, Peter, Simon and others re their efforts in the past.
224 19 No more leaks foyer, Murray Walter, Peter Robertson
481 40 No shouting during World War 1 Anti-Shouting Legislation affected Pirongia in 1916; Chappell, Knight, McCarthy, Boggis.
83 7 Not to be missed NZ Wars - the Waikato Campaign, Te Awamutu Museum
593 50 Now we are 50 50th edition of the Newsletter
97 8 Odds & Ends Maori Settlement in the Waikato, Roberton
625 53 Office-holders 2018-2019 Walter, Yeates, Paula McWha, Coles, Empson, Grierson, Howard, Robert McWha, McGregor, Mealing, Ormsby, van der Sande, Puke, Uerata
47 4 Old photographs are a great source of information Old photographs solicited.
512 43 Old steam engine stationary steam engine, Robert McWha, John Kelly, photo
462 39 On Boxing Day 2014 Pirongia Boxing Day Races, photo
391 33 On Craft Day (28 Sept) Richard Stowers
449 38 On sale at the Centre by Kingsley Field and Richard Stowers.
76 6 On the Internet
88 7 On the Internet Te Ara Encyclopedia of NZ
98 8 On the Internet Dictionary of NZ Biography
112 9 On the Internet NZ History online
123 10 On the Wagon Wagon rides with Pirongia Clydesdales
269 23 Online Access rare early NZ publications, NZETC, ENZB
581 49 Online Facebook page fully operational, Paula McWha
276 24 Oral History Grace Shaw, Te Rau-a-moa, Joe Hughes, Okoko Road coal mine, photo
476 40 Original Roll of Honour names Names, ranks and military units of the men listed on the Roll of Honour, compiled from their military records.
475 40 Others who might have been listed Men from the district who were not listed on the Roll of Honour, but might have been.
289 25 Our local historian Alan Hall, background.
56 5 Our new committee Sabina Owen, Marilyn Yeates, Glenyss Hall, Sue Scott, Patricia Grierson, Alan Hall, Haupai Puke, Nick van der Sande, Clare St Pierre, Sally Uerata, Barbara Walter, Murray Walter
106 9 Our New Logo New letterhead by Kat Quinn
18 2 Out and about Old Mt Pirongia Trig Station outside the Centre. Daffodils planted, Women's Institute, Photo
443 37 Out of the Scrub by Daylight Book review by Barbara Walter.
635 53 Outstanding subscriptions Reminder
749 63 Overdue subscriptions The termination of chequebook accounts has created difficulties in paying subscriptions. An appeal for members to pay by online banking or cash.
171 15 Past postal officials Sue Scott (worked at Pirongia Post Office before closure) compiling list of past postal officials.
86 7 Path of War Tour Alexandra redoubt, Tuakau, Queen's Redoubt, Pokeno, Dr Neville Ritchie, Eglinton, Koheroa, Mercer, Meremere, Rangiriri, Ngauruawahia. Photo.
176 15 Path of War Tour Te Rore to Orakau, Robin Astridge. Photo.
254 21 Path of War Tour makeover Two Path of War tours run successfully during winter.
566 48 Path of war tours Te Rore to Orakau, 18 March, photo
218 18 Patupaiarehe Display legendary fairy folk Pirongia Mountain. Sabina Owen & Marilyn Yeates.
722 61 Personnel changes Luncheon to honour service of June Bright and to farewell Andrea Thrower. Photos. Jenny Mortland will replace Andrea.
38 3 Photograph with caption Ormsby family reunion, photo
162 14 Pirongia Craft Day, 2008 Special displays in the Centre. Wood-turner enthusiasts demonstrated a pedal operated wood-turning lathe outside. Photo
636 53 Pirongia Forest Park Lodge 30th anniversary, 21 October
337 29 Pirongia Motor Transport Parsons, Auriel Mounsey, Butler Bros, Fleming, Kendall, King, Wilson, photo
632 53 Pirongia War Memorial Hall Structural report
668 56 Pirongia War Memorial Hall Opened 16 August 1922, Ferro-concrete, McInnes, Closey, Meiklejohn, photos
51 4 Presentation of a Certificate of Merit By NZ Historic Places Trust to the Pirongia Community for the presevation of the 2nd St Saviour's Church that is now the home to the Centre. Photo.
7 1 Publications for sale Footprints of History, Pirongia Forest Park.
401 34 Pukehoua Bridge Centennial History of the Pukehoua Bridge, photo
411 35 Pukehoua bridge centennial Plans for centennial celebration
251 21 Put it on your Calendar Members BBQ, Pirongia Clydesdales, 14 February 2011.
182 16 Put the AGM in your diary Heather Garrett to talk on John Vittoria Cowell
82 7 Re-enactment Queen's Redoubt, Pokeno.
10 1 Recent acquisitions Plan drawers from Hamilton Museum. Laminator funded by Pub Charity.
73 6 Recently Acquired Te Awamutu Historical Society Journal.
762 64 Recently donated A box of document from the days of RDX donated by Malcolm Barrett. Family photos and 36 books by Mary Scott donated by Lloyd and Triush Anderson.
327 28 Record Visitor Numbers Highest annual total so far
89 8 Record visitor numbers Annual total of 2094. Graph.
653 56 Record Visitor Numbers Highest annual total to date, graph
468 40 Reduced Visitor Numbers Visitor numbers for 2014-15 Financial Year, graph
20 2 Refurbished displays Displays being upgraded.
499 41 Remembering George and Mary Ann Harper Harper family reunion, 2nd Waikato Militia; Mangapiko School, photo
383 32 Reminiscences Richard Rasmussen, demolition of the old Alexandra Public Hall, photo
244 20 Renewals of membership Reminder
179 15 Research for a new display Sabina Owen gathering data re early development of local churches (Anglican, Catholic, Methodist) and early church ministers, Blain, Brady, Hoyne, Golden, Simmonds.
11 1 Resources and displays Contributions by organizations and individuals to setting up displays and developing archives.
600 50 Riding on the footpath Gordon Tisdall JP, charged by Constable Gillies wth riding his horse on a footpath in Te Awamutu. Northcroft
359 30 Rival Christmas Sports in 1866 Finch, Appleyard, Doncaster Arms, Alexandra, horse races
602 51 Robert Hall farmed at Te Rore Robert Hall jnr. Married Marion Susannah Scott, farmed at Te Rore until 1908, photo
673 57 Roland Mounsey 1925-2019, obituary. Mounsey's Transport, photo
514 44 Roll of Honour Panel Unveiled Memorial Hall, 3 April, speakers listed, Pirongia Community Association
318 27 Ronald William Phillips Obituary
574 48 Rough riders from Pirongia Boer War returnees 1901: Troopers Chris Berry, Jim Prentice, Roger Dawson, George Miles, Waikato Mounted Rifles volunteers, photo
379 32 Ruth Whiting Ruth Whiting nee Beatson, Oakshott, Parsons, Mounsey
539 46 Sabina Owen 1932-2016 obituary, life member, Sabina owen, photo
679 57 Sam Stewart - coach driver Kawhia, Oparau, Te Rauamoa, married Rachel Rutherford, photos
627 53 Samuel & Matire Morgan Ngati Hikairo, Whatiwhatihoe, photo
360 31 Sawmilling on Mount Pirongia Ginn's Mill 1946-1949, Mangati Road, photo
310 26 School art display Te Pahu School, Marilyn Yeates, Robin Astridge, Jim Henderson, Penny Finn. Photo.
611 52 School visitors Year 5 & 6 students from Pirongia School, photo
325 27 Sedgemoor re-visited Alexandra Hotel, Miss Miller's house erected here, Joan White, Maurice Borland, re-named The Maples, photo
347 29 Sedgemoor Re-visited Emily Miller's house, Sedgemoor, The Maples, visited by heritage architects Anne McEwan & Roz Empson.
27 2 Seen the flags? Shirley Scott created hand-painted penants for the Centre.
515 44 Self-help in 1919 debating society, home nursing lectures
68 6 Since August Kawhia Museum, King's Empire Veterans, Te Pahu Rural Women. Photo
46 4 Since January Group visitors to the Centre. Waipa Senior Council, Rotorua & District Historical Soc, Te Pahu School, Historic Places Trust Certificate of Merit
57 5 Since May Auckland war memorial Museum, Matamata walking group
279 24 Some advice for Wills Waikato Times 1877.
59 5 Some benefits of membership Calendar of events
690 58 Some interesting trivia Names of north-west passage explorers also on streets at Opua
348 30 Some old photographs Pirongia School, 75th Jubilee, F.J.Gilbert, photographer photo
201 17 Some post office history Sue Scott re data collection. Edmund Lockhart postmaster. J.D. Hill postmaster. Mahoney postmaster. Photo.
689 58 Something new DOC, stuffed native birds for display
682 58 Something worth reading Sleeps Standing: Moetu
219 18 Special visitors Visit by family members of Mary Scott (novelist).
501 43 Special visitors at the annual barbeque Graeme Miller, Graeme Ginn, timber mill, Mangati Road, photo
80 7 Spruced Up Len Styles re-painting
366 31 Spruced Up Centre re-painted in heritage colours, photo.
372 32 St Saviour's Church moved to Waikeria in 1959 William Towns, in charge of the removal of St Saviour's provided details of the move and the make-over at Waikeria
619 52 St Saviours at Waikeria Visit by Warren Towns, son of William Towns who supervised the removal of the 2nd St Saviour's church to Waikeria in 1960, photos
268 23 Stop Press Activities for 2011 launched
28 2 Stop Press Waipa District Council will take over the maintenance of the section on which the Centre stands.
102 9 Stop Press NZ Community Trust Grant, sun filters
681 58 Stop Press War Memorial Hall, building standards re-assessed., availble for public use, photo
212 18 Stop press NZ Lottery Grants funding display panels. Designer Sonia Frimmel.
412 35 Street parade Plans for a Street Parade anddisplay of art and photographs in the Memorial Hall, photo
480 40 Subscriptions Subscription rates for 2015-16
245 20 Suggestions invited For an activity or event
349 30 Summer tours South Tour, Alan Hall, Robert McWha, Raymond & Christine Ormsby, Te Aka-rau-ti. Northern Path of War Tour, Robin Astridge, photo
363 31 Summer Tours Programme of six summer tours completed, photo
477 40 Supplementary List names six men who were to be listed on a supplementary plaque
609 51 Support from DoC Retiring ranger Bruce Postill reported to volunteers about developments in Mount Pirongia Forest Park. Introduced his replacement, Jane Hughes.
346 29 Te Ataireihia Canoe of King Tawhiao, Te Ataireihia, Whatiwhatihoe, , J.G. Berry, H.H. Reynolds
494 41 Te Kopua Native School on Cannon Road Wesleyan Mission School; Native School; Ormsby, Searancke, photo
528 45 Te Kopua Wesleyan Mission Site Refurbished memorial, Jim Rogers, Cannon Road, George Searancke, photo
129 11 Te Rore to Orakau: The Path of War Planned Path of War 2 Tour
564 48 Thank for support Brenda Collins, Matt Sandy, Lance Vernall, Paula McWha
458 39 Thank you Faith Haakma, resignation, administration manager, photo
697 59 Thank you Patricia Patricia Grierson. Photo.
518 44 Thank you Robin Robin Astridge QSM. President 2010 to 2016
13 1 Thanks Peter Druce, lawn mowing.,
31 3 Thanks for recent support DanzBagz, Kevin Farrell, Pirongia Service Station, Pub Charity, Department of Conservation, Auckland Museum Institute, Alexander Turnbull Library, Pirongia
42 4 Thanks for recent support Murray & Barbara Walter, Charlie Coles, Len Styles, Audrey Henderson, Pirongia Service Station, Tony Hodgson, Una Connon
54 5 Thanks for recent support NZ Community Trust, Angela & Darren Davis, Pirongia Service Station, Steve Rasmussen, Julie Karsten, Murray Walter, Len Styles.
66 6 Thanks for recent support to Boye & Sharon de Thierry, Garry Grace, Ben van der Sande. Dave Bowler, Waipa District Council, Olwyn Verhoef, Maureen McGonagle, Paula McWha, Nick & Roz Empson, NZ Community Trust.
81 7 Thanks for recent support to… Paula McWha, Nick & Ros Empson, Marilyn Yeates, Glenyss Hall, Russell family, Patricia Grierson, Barbara & Murray Walter
517 44 Thanks for Support Barbara Walter
266 23 Thanks for Support COGS, Trust Waikato, Julie Karsten.
529 45 Thanks for Support Te Awamutu RSA, Robert McWha, Brent Mealing, Marilyn Yeates, Flora Bouma, Lyn Jackson
278 24 Thanks for Support Debbie Courtney, Patricia Grierson,
541 46 Thanks for Support Waipa District Council, Robert McWha
291 25 Thanks for Support Haupai Puke, Tom Roa
555 47 Thanks for Support Trust Waikato, Barbara Walter, Marilyn Yeates, Jill & Nick van der Sande, Joy McGregor, John Kelly, Robert McWha
304 26 Thanks for Support Mac Bell, Waipa District Council
316 27 Thanks for support Keith Ormsby, Waipa District Council, Trust Waikato, Fiona Hood
578 49 Thanks for support Community Organizations Grants Scheme, COGS, Paula McWha, facebook
330 28 Thanks for Support Astridge, Bright, Clements, Coles, Courtney, Empson, Grierson, Halford, Hall, King, McWha, Oberlin-Brown, Owen, St Pierre, van der Hoeven, Walter, Whale, Yeates
591 50 Thanks for support Trust Waikato, Brent Mealing, Ann O'Halloran, Jan Kilham, Bruce Kilham, Robert McWha
339 29 Thanks for Support Waipa District Council, Pub Charity, Baillie Ingham Accountants, Les Yeates, Charlie Coles, Nick van der Sande, Sami Lattalainen
603 51 Thanks for support Robert McWha, Lyn Jackson
92 8 Thanks for support Frances Rawlings, Dick Singleton, Audrey Henderson, Mary Hurst, Aileen Gabelich, Ann Benson, Sharron Williams, Jan McBeth, Garry & Karen Howard, Paula McWha, Barbara & Murray Walter, Charlie Coles, Linda Samson, Ngaire Phillips, Glenyss Hall
350 30 Thanks for Support Lion Foundation, Waipa District Council, DoC, Paula McWha
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116 10 Thanks for support Sharkey Howe, Krippner family, Marilyn Yeates, Barbara Walter, Robin Astridge, Alan Hall, Ruth Clarke, Jessica Amoore
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685 58 Thanks Lyn Lyn Jackson stepping down, photo
15 2 Thanks to supporters Pub Charity, Sky City , Trust Waikato and DoC for funding assistance with various projects
185 16 That elusive leak Leak still a problem in heavy downpours.
420 35 The Alexandra Creamery Skimming station; Reynolds & Co; NZ Dairy Association; Wesley Spragg; Scott Chalmers, photo.
222 19 The Alexandra Rifle Ranger Volunteers Colonial Defence Unit, 1873, Captain Ross, Edward Hall
662 56 The Allan family John Allan & Margaret Nicoll: children John, Robert, Grace, Mary, Kate, Robina, photo
738 62 The Archive Room The new storage shed has been lined and is ready for use.
429 36 The Ball Edwardian Ball planned for 31 May.
473 40 The bearers of bad news William Stewart, postmaster, Te Awamutu, personally delivered telegrams to the next-of-kin of men who died during World War 1, photo
599 50 The beginnings of the Alexandra Cemetery History of the Alexandra Cemetery, Lot 334, Pirongia. Lois Garmonsway., photo
549 46 The Boxing Day Races The 2016 Boxing Day Races will mark the 150th anniversary of the first race meeting.
511 43 The Butchers Jones Archibald Jones, Alfred William Jones, butchers, Tasmania, Pokuru
108 9 The Centre's Resources Panel discussion with information for volunteers.
712 60 The changing landscape of Mount Pirongia Mount Pirongia, Tangata whenua, Changing land ownership, State forest, Forest Park. Photos.
156 13 The Executive Committee New Executive Committee elected by the AGM.
623 53 The fate of J.D. Hill's store building 1866-1931 Scherff & Co., J.D. Hill, Ann Aubin, building demolished 1931, photo
183 16 The first Resident Magistrate's Court November 1864, Alexandra, Resident Magistrate's Court. RM Randle Cotton Mainwaring, Lt Coulter Clerk of Petty Sessions. Photo
513 43 The first Whatiwhatihoe Bridge Tawhiao, Tawhara-kai-atua, Whatiwhatihoe, Bryce, photo
143 12 The garage conversion is almost complete Changes being made to the garage. Photo
151 13 The garage conversion is almost complete Peter Robertson has almost completed the conversion of the garage into an archival store.
590 50 The Great War for New Zealand Note by Alan Hall about Vincent O'Malley's book,Photo
610 51 The Greenstone Door by William Satchell, published in 1914.
454 38 The Higginsons John and Eliza Higginson, William Willson and Louisa Higginson, John Andrew Higginson and Mary.
125 11 The Johnson Family Story Forthcoming talk by Ngaire Phillips about her family history.
660 56 The laying down of arms Tawhiao, Mair, Kingitanga, Declaration of peace
216 18 The market reserves animals trespassing, pound
175 15 The Mary Scott Collection The Centre is accumulating an impressive collection of novels. Two sets built up; one for Centre and one to lend.
358 30 The Murder of Surveyor Richard Todd 1870, government surveyor, Hone Te One, Nopera, Nukuwhenua
249 21 The new Committee Astridge. Yeates, Owen, Walter, Courtney, Coles, Grierson, Howard, King, St Pierre, van der Sande, Walter, Uerata, Puke
161 14 The new storage and work area New archival storage and work area in former DOC garage now in use. Photo
99 9 The New Zealand Forest Rangers Talk by Richard Stowers. Photo.
472 40 The opening of the Memorial Hall Mary Jane Berry, Tema Jones, 16 August 1922, J.T.Johnson, A.E.Fear, photo
154 13 The Ormsby connection Items donated by Owen Ormsby. Photo.
138 12 The Path of War: Te Rore to Orakau Account of Path of War 2 tour led by Alan Hall. Photo.
471 40 The Pirongia World War 1 Roll of Honour research, names on roll of honour, photo
274 23 The Potts family at Ngutunui School jubilee booklets and programmes as sources of local information, photo
26 2 The roster Patricia Grierson managing volunteer roster
763 64 The rugby caps of Charles Woolston A report of research about three rugby caps awarded to Charles Woolston who played for Pirongia and Te Awamutu Methodist teams while living at Mangapiko and Te Rore.
525 44 The second Whatiwhatihoe Bridge bridge specifications, contract to Tapper in 1953, opened November 1954 by Goosman, old bridge demolished.
734 62 The story of the Pirongia Sports Ground An account of the development of the sports ground following the purchase of land by the Domain Board in 1912.
688 58 The Turner Reunion Book Family history, Turner family, Graham, Reynolds, Kaipiha
641 55 The volcanology of Mt Pirongia Oliver McLeod, Alexandra Volcanic Group, Pukehoua, photo
680 58 The wagon shelter Pirongia Clydesdales, van der Sande, display, Brent Mealing, Robert McWha, Bill Reymer, photo
483 40 The Waikato River Gunboats: New Zealand's first navy Book review, Grant Middlemiss, Robin Astridge.
678 57 The War Memorial Hall Waipa District Council, community expects a more thorough analysis
507 43 They don't run dances like this any more. Kowhai Club, Memorial Hall, Fred Beet
370 31 Those 75th Jubilee Photos People on photos identified, Ruth Beatson Whiting
258 21 Those first rugby games Rugby as played in 1876
262 21 Those Old Photos Singleton, Bell collections very useful
60 5 Those old photos Buffalo Lodge building, Teacher's house in Kane Street, Old gaol near the cemetery, Post Office. Photo.
93 8 Those old photos Dick Singleton, Moon & Co., Hill's Store, the Bank 1923. Photo
220 19 Three 'Path of War' Tours Path of War repeated three times, photo
23 2 Three Bell women Jean Bell, Iney Bell and Girlie Quin at the unveiling of the new sign. Photo
49 4 Toilet upgrade Centre toilet to be upgraded.
139 12 Tom Roa to speak at the AGM Tom Roa to speak at the AGM in June.
208 18 Tour postponed Kawhia Historical Tour
24 2 Tourism Owen Ormsby exploring local tourism opportunities.
447 38 Tours Responding to requests rather than advertising a tour programme.
131 11 Tracing Family Histories Resources on town lot ownership in Alexandra
90 8 Tracing Family History Jan McBeth, Garry & Karen Howard, Paula McWha, Photo
122 10 Tracing family roots Ormsby family
309 26 Training for volunteers Introduction to archives database, Debbie Courtney
713 60 Twice a prisoner Ray Taylor, Te Pahu, prisoner of war in WW1 and WW2. Photo of his rugby contemporaries: H Mabbet, J. Berry, Joe Sterrit, B McCarthy, Reg Bell, Jackie Wilson, Ray Johnson, H Grace, Ray Taylor, Eric Bell, H. Singleton.
286 24 Two Armed Constabulary Commanders William Newland, Henry Charles Morrison, photo.
382 32 Two local midwives midwives Mary Tuhituhi Turner, Vera Beatson, photo
729 61 Two native eels DoC longfin and shortfin eels on display
739 62 Two new publications Te Pahu - A History by Alan Livingston. The Asmuss Story by Maria De Jong.
9 1 Two volunteers Paula McWha, Shirley Scott. Photo.
177 15 Up and coming Tour South of Pirongia, Paula McWha.
299 25 Up-stream by Punt Materials for the Poro-o-tarao tunnel transported by punt via the Waipa, Mangapu and Mangaokewa streams, 1885, 1886, J.J. O'Brien
169 15 Urgent Maintenance window frames, old church building, builder Peter Robertson, grant from Pirongia Darts Club. Guthrie Bowron, Photo
48 4 Useful detail in an old photograph Old photos reveal some of the history of Bells' Store. Photo.
228 19 Useful details Gilbert William Ormsby, Kawhia Mail Coach, photograph
69 6 Vacuum Cleaner NZ Community Trust
671 57 Vernon John Tupara Roberts Son of Alexandra postmaster Vernon Roberts and Mary Codlin, photo
166 14 Vernon Roberts Roberts was telegraphist and postmaster between 1873 and 1877 and 1884 to 1890.
531 45 Visit by Museum Staff Haupai Puke, Anne Blyth, Henriata Nicholas, Tereora Crane, displays & processes, photo
654 56 Visiting Groups Melville High School, Matakitaki Pa, University of the Third Age, photo
323 27 Visitor numbers Prospect of a record year.
255 21 Visitor Numbers Same as for November 2009
40 4 Visitor numbers double Visitor numbers more than doubled during the 2005-6 financial year.
79 7 Visitor Numbers Up Increase of 546 over 2006 to date
121 10 Visitor statistics Numbers fell away during streetscape re-construction.
558 47 Visitors to the Centre Auld family, Maria de Jong, Asmuss
527 45 Volunteer Refresher Course Volunteers, Alan Hall, Clare St Pierre, Robert McWha, Brent Mealing, Andrea Thrower, photo
282 24 Volunteer training Workshop, acquisition records, computer use
576 49 Volunteer training Bruce Postill, Mt Pirongia tracks, Pahautea Hut, bird life
451 38 Volunteer training workshop Workshop organised by Faith Haakma attended by 21 members.
272 23 Volunteers wanted Contact Sabina Owen
149 12 Volunteers wanted Recruitment
301 26 Waipa Heritage Awards Centre received an award, Sabina Owen, Alan Hall individual awards, photo
297 25 Walking tours Two walking tours being trialled, Alan Hall
284 24 Wanted Appeal for more volunteers,
544 46 Wanted Volunteers to help staff the Centre
319 27 Wanted More volunteers to assist at the Centre
582 49 Wanted volunteers to assist at the Centre.
341 29 Wanted - Photos of the Pirongia Saleyards Pirongia saleyards photos wanted.
96 8 Wanted: A Minutes Secretary Volunteer wanted.
718 60 Wartime Memories Ngaire Phillips, memories of life during World War 2.
2 1 We depend upon our volunteers Displays designed and assembled by voluntees. Opening hours. Visitor numbers . More volunteers needed. Photo
353 30 We need more volunteers Appeal for more volunteers,
70 6 We're on the Phone! Waipa District Council Community Grant
1 1 We're under way Official opening on 22 May 2004.
34 3 Weaving demonstration By Maori flax cloak weaver Garry (Joe) Grace. Photo.
535 45 Welcome new member Alfredo Huerta
241 20 Welcome new member Rachael Duncan
285 24 Welcome new members Rowena Whale, Audrey van der Hoeven, Frank Thorne, Gaelene & Pat Raill, Jane Lyttle
32 3 Welcome new members Wendy Bain, Robin Wood, Norma Doyle, Pirongia Clydesdales, Garry & Karen Howard, Eve Davidson, Len & Margaret Styles
550 46 Welcome new members Vicky Apps, Grant Middlemiss
295 25 Welcome new members Diane Sharpe, Defyd Williams
43 4 Welcome new members Malcolm & Shelagh Williams
561 47 Welcome new members Grant Middlemiss, Vicky App
55 5 Welcome new members June Bright
311 26 Welcome new members Joy McGregor, Jim and Ann Beaton
324 27 Welcome new members Pam and Craig Young
586 49 Welcome new members Grant & Collette Burr, Kerry & Julie-ann Foreman, Kevin Paul
598 50 Welcome new members Vicky & Andy Macky, Bridget Mosely, Colin Murray, Jocelyn & John Te Kanawa
607 51 Welcome new members Viligrad Wines
357 30 Welcome new members Bruce & Jan Kilham, Lyn Jackson, Jenny Gainsford, Alan Papesch
620 52 Welcome new members Warwick & Suzie Denize
368 31 Welcome new members Doug Dixon, Margaret Farnworth, Anne Hanham, Diedre Harte Barry, Dayne Laird, Brett Pierce, Lance Vernall, Kaths Wells
381 32 Welcome new members Linnie & Peter Jones
637 53 Welcome new members Lyn Jackson, Don Thomas
649 55 Welcome new members Marion Bowers, Tony Giles
397 33 Welcome new members Linda van Eyk
661 56 Welcome new members Tony Giles, Shane Bailey
419 35 Welcome new members Mike Anderson; Paul Gambrill
174 15 Welcome new members John and Jody Oberlin-Brown and Ailsa Mearns.
433 36 Welcome new members Graeme Kenyon
691 58 Welcome new members Robert Hynson, Felicity Campbell, Dick Wilson, Richard Voss
703 59 Welcome new members Natalie Gavin, Ian Sanders, Richard & Hanna Jones, Gis Hagen, Karin Burgess, Dr Mark Haywood
205 17 Welcome new members Heather & Les Garrett, Janet & David Leggett, Debbie Courtney, Tony Roxburgh, Pat Tata, Alistair Livie & Sandra Holt
719 60 Welcome new members Joan & Tony Hodgson, Sarah Haldane, Andrew lark, David Macky
464 39 Welcome new members Gratton, Midwood
67 6 Welcome to new members Ngaire & Ron Phillips, Basil & Rosemary Coles, Angela Ormsby, Robin Astridge, Margaret Holroyd
153 13 Welcome to new members Jim & Jackie Halford, Nadine Werner, Ann Benson, Sharon & Jim Rayner, Willie & Margaret Laverty
453 38 Welcome to new members Pirongia School - Corporate member.
215 18 Welcome to new members Bruce & Bev Dean
498 41 Welcome to new members Pat and Alison Todd; Jan and Angus Smith
326 27 Well done Joy Sedgemoor, The maples, photographs, McGregor
167 14 West of Waipa West of Waipa Tour led by Alan Livingston. Photo.
136 11 What do you do on Saturdays? Appeal for more volunteers.
474 40 What does the roll of honour tell us? Why discerning who were the men listed on the War Memorial Hall Roll of Honour was not a straightforward task.
313 26 What happened at Aubin's Store History of Aubin's store, Skuse, W.G. Moon, Bells' store
640 55 What happened to the Magazine? Alexandra Magazine, East Redoubt
638 53 What was a redoubt? Defensive emplacement, bastions , AC, East and West redoubts, photo, plan
317 27 Whatiwhatihoe Correction, meaning of Whatiwhatihoe
144 12 Whatiwhatihoe: a panorama A new enlargement of an 1884 photograph of Whatiwhatihoe on display
312 26 Whatwhatihoe Tawhiao, Kingitanga, Hikurangi, Ruahine, History of the Whatiwhatihoe settlement.
191 16 When a whim is not 'a sudden fancy'? horse power, machinery, Oberlin-Brown, Puketotara, photo.
588 49 When did World War 1 end? Armistice, Treaty of Versailles
720 60 When was it built? Pirongia Lot 7, colonial cottage, Mounsey, Nankivell, Roberts, Codlin, Prince, Emily Ingleby Miller, Butler, Fleming, Sibley. Photos.
651 55 Where was the Native Hospital? Reserve sections AE 123 & AE 141, Hudson Street, G.T. Wilkinson
345 29 Where was the rifle range? AC Rifle Range on Frontier Road used probably until World War 1
666 56 Who planted that tree? Vic Wooton
242 20 Will the real Gilbert Mair please stand up William Gilbert Mair, Resident Magistrate, Native Agent, Captain Gilbert Mair. Photo
751 63 Will the real Gilbert Mair please stand up! Captain Gilbert Mair, Major William Gilbert Mair. Photo.
752 63 William Gilbert Mair Story of Major Willam Gilbert Mair, Native Agent and Resident Magistrate at Alexandra, 1871-79. Janie Cathcart Black. Photos.
596 50 Women's Institute reformed after World War 2 Re-formed December 1946. Mrs Scriven president.
538 45 World War 1 Roll of Honour Publication biographies af servicemen on Roll of Honour and panel at the War Memorial Hall. Te Awamutu RSA.
3 1 Would you like to help? Appeal for more volunteers